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By Luxigon

As the sun tracks across the sky, the entirety of the building’s western façades transform image by luxigon

New york-based architecture office REX has developed the conjoined headquarters of two middle eastern media companies. the brief from the sister organizations calles for two elegant structures that pay homage to traditional emirati architecture, while satisfying their programmatic demands. Starting with a long slender precedent – approximately 100 m x 22 m (328 ft x 72 ft) – the design team seeks to simultaneously accommodate offices alongside smaller broadcasting and news studios.

The towers’ elevations can ‘blossom’ in less than a minute image by luxigon

In order to house the complete program within the narrow footprint, volumes are stacked vertically with the large studios, which are unable to fit within the thin towers, positioned below ground. providing external views and generous amounts of daylight, common areas of the design are contained within the lower region of the structures where an exposed ‘X-ray’ effect reveals their internal functions.

Common areas of the design are contained within the lower region of the structures image by luxigon

Shielding the building from the region’s hot sun, the building’s elevations are clad in large retractable sunshades. their geometry references a traditional arab mashrabiya pattern, infusing the project with references to local craft. during the evenings the shades are withdrawn, revealing simple, stone-clad towers with floor-to-ceiling glazed windows. As the sun tracks across the sky, the entirety of the building’s western façades transforms, while the eastern elevations simultaneously retract within 60 seconds. Powerful LEDs integrated within the sunshades create an enormous 220 m x 220 m (722 ft x 722 ft) media wall, broadcasting the companies’ content in real-time.

The large studios unable to fit within the thin towers are positioned below ground image by luxigon

Typical office space with sunshades in operation

During the evenings the shades are withdrawn

In order to house the complete program, volumes are stacked vertically

The shielding screens measure 14.5 meters in diameter

Beneath the canopies, simple, stone-clad towers with floor-to-ceiling glazed windows are revealed

Powerful LEDs integrated within the sunshades create an enormous media wall

Site plan

The simple tower slabs create a huge sunscreen for the surrounding landscape

Select western umbrellas are retracted in response to building shadows, while eastern umbrellas are deployed

Select eastern umbrellas are retracted in response to building shadows, while western umbrellas are deployed 

Typical floorplans within the tower

Section highlighting the scheme's program 

Tower 1 common space

Tower 2 common space

Each structure features 14.5 meter sunshades 

The design references a traditional arab mashrabiya pattern

Sectional construction detail 

FEM wind load analysis under pressure and suction 

Source: Designboom
By Marija Bojovic

It has been recently announced that Sou Fujimoto, together with French practices Nicolas Laisné Associés (NL*A) and Manal Rachdi Oxo Architects, has been chosen to construct the second architectural folly of the 21st century. The first one was designed by Farshid Moussavi. The spectacle will be located in Montpellier, France.

The new multipurpose tower is called Arbre Blanc (White Tree)and mixed-use – designed for housing, a restaurant, an art gallery, offices, a bar with a panoramic view and a common area. From the project’s conceptual phase, the architects were heavily inspired by Montpellier’s tradition of outdoor living. The tower is strategically located between the city center and the newly developed districts of Port Marianne and Odysseum, midway between the “old” and the new Montpellier.

The 17-story high-rise dominates the Montpellier skyline, creating an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to soak in the breathtaking expanse with a view of the ocean, the Pic Saint-Loup mountains, the sprawling city and the Lez River below.

Created as a joint venture of the Japanese and French architectural practices, Arbre Blanc is imbibed with Mediterranean character and Japanese culture alike, with dense yet permeable peripheries where inside and outside join forces, the lines are blurred between room and balcony, uniquely indulgent exterior expanses surrender themselves as full-fledged living spaces. Unparalleled anywhere for its depth and well-provisioned hanging gardens that take up more than half the space allotted for residential units and offer up places to arrange plants, tables, chairs, benches and storage spaces.

Source: Evolo
By Marija Bojovic

Widely known, award-winning architectural practice Snøhetta has designed The Makkah Metro C-Line Stations for Saudi Arabia. The exciting design envisions the unique fusion between the ultra-modern technology of the metro system and the historical richness of Makkah, therefore architecture acts as a framework – both for understanding and enriching the places it meets along the metro line – and for projecting the future vision and goals of the city.

The station – a sleek skin of the future, hovers delicately above the rising urban landscape of the city, creating a new public arena in the space between the ground and the sky. Linking again with tradition, the wrap is a unique ceramic tile with varying degrees of textures and signatures developed in cooperation with local artists.

The hard shell of the station on the inside is revealed to have a soft and ornamented interior consisting of a complex yet contextual mashrabiya screen. The screen links history and technology, consisting of traditional patterns applied through the latest of computer and fabrication technologies – symbolizing the duality between the future and the past. ​From station to station the mashrabiya screen changes again in color and material offering each station a personal signature whilst retaining a coherent identity throughout the line.

The meeting point, suspended between these two moments, as the plaza rises and the station reaches down, represents the common link between these two distinct elements within the public realm. Creating a bold yet elegant icon for each station – the design defines the network as a coherent unit changing slightly from station to station, because of the different city pattern.

Due to using a highly adaptable strategy for the demands and constraints of the site on the landscape, the new urban plaza connects, orients and safely manages both large and small groups of commuters and pilgrims from all parts of the city and the world – whether departing and arriving on a daily basis or for the first time.

Source: Evolo
By Marija Bojovic

As they state in 3XN Architects, Green School Stockholm, Sweden, is a new type of school with a modern approach to sustainable living. By actively educating about locally grown food, and by creating a multitude of green exterior public spaces, the building encompasses a full lifetime of sustainable living: from kindergarten to high school, college dorms to senior apartments.

The building is formed by two adjoining arcs – the green school and accompanying greenhouse constitute the public arc and allow for internal and external circulation through the building with the vegetation growing all around. Nine levels of housing for students and seniors twist, slide and shift to create wide private terraces and maximum daylight exposure.

Wide atriums open up the green school to accommodate spontaneous learning. This green pathway through the school culminates with a large greenhouse as the focal point. The greenhouse encompasses three enclosed levels for maximum productive growing and extends upwards with hanging gardens and vertical farming alongside the student and senior residences.

The inside public area houses an organic food store, where the organically grown vegetables from the greenhouse are sold. The Green School’s kindergarten is located directly adjacent to a birch grove. Here, the children get their own safe oasis. With the green terraces outside the building, allowing pedestrians to ascend and move from the lower northern side of the site up and across the street to the higher southern side, the building becomes a productive extension of the planned green corridor for the area as well as an avenue for the public.

Source: Evolo
Kamar Anda terlihat biasa dan standar? Ikuti langkah berikut ini agar kamar mandi Anda tampak lebih mewah.

Hal pertama yang Anda lakukan adalah berikan kamar mandi itu cahaya yang cukup karena cahaya yang cukup atau terang dapat membuat kamar mandi tampak luas dan bersih. Perhatikan pula tata cahaya pada kamar mandi agar dapat memberikan efek mewah.

Kemudian pastikan kamar mandi Anda tetap bersih. Agar penggunanya pun nyaman saat berada di dalamnya. Selanjut Anda bisa menambahkan desain kaca klasik pada kamar mandi agar ruangan terlihat lebih mewah.

Cara berikutnya gunakan handuk putih yang bersih karena handuk putih yang bersih dapat menambahkan kesan klasik pada kamar mandi.

Gunakan berbagai kelengkapan pada kamar mandi yang berbahan logam, seperti wastafel, keran, hanger dan lain-lainnya. Cara selanjutnya adalah dengan memberikan aksesori yang bergaya klasik untuk mempertegas kesan mewah tersebut.

Tambahkan pula tirai dan sentuhan artistik pada kamar mandi agar memberikan efek mewah pada kamar mandi di rumah Anda.

Dan yang terakhir perhatikan pula desain keramik yang Anda gunakan untuk kamar mandi Anda. Anda bisa memasang keramik dengan warna-warna cerah atau membentuk pola yang klasik agar kesan mewah makin terlihat pada kamar mandi Anda.

Sumber: Ideaonline
Bila kamar mandi Anda berukuran mini tapi peralatan kamar mandi Anda cukup banyak dan bingung untuk menyimpannya. Simak beberapa ide untuk membuat storage di kamar mandi yang cukup kreatif berikut ini.

Kamar mandi berukuran kecil bukan lagi menjadi alasan agar kamar mandi tidak terlihat rapi. Karena ada beberapa cara untuk membuat storage di kamar mandi yang kreatif dan dapat memaksimalkan tempat yang tersedia.

Simak beberapa ide kreatif storage untuk kamar mandi di rumah Anda.

1. Menggantungkan gantungan baju pada jendela bisa menjadi solusi storage di kamar mandi kecil Anda 

2. Maksimalkan ruang kosong di bawah wastafel kamar mandi dengan membuat rak penyimpanan

3. Memasang rak di atas toilet duduk

4. Kurangi "kekacauan" di kamar mandi dengan menggunakan rak vertikal dari keranjang 

5. Tirai shower dapat disulap menjadi storage

Sumber: Ideaonline
Ruang keluarga biasanya membutuhkan storage ekstra untuk menyimpan barang-barang. Oleh karena itu terkadang kita membeli barang baru untuk storage. Tapi kita harus cerdas agar ruangan tidak terkesan sempit. Simak ide cerdasnya berikut ini.

Jika Anda tidak ada lagi ruangan untuk storage untuk di ruang keluaga. Anda bisa berkreasi dengan menggunakan area kosong yang tersedia, misalnya bawah sofa, dibawah kabinet TV atau mungkin dibawah meja tamu. Semua ruang kosong di furnitur Anda bisa dimaksimalkan.

Simak beberapa ide cerdas ini untuk "membuat" storage di ruang keluarga di rumah Anda:

1. Storage dibawah sofa

2. Storage di dalam meja kopi

3. Memanfaatkan ruang-ruang yang tidak biasa untuk menjadi storage seperti: dibawah kabinet TV, rak tanam di dinding, dan lain-lain.

4. Memaksimalkan partisi ruangan untuk storage.

5. Kosongkan keranjang bekas yang ada di rumah untuk dibuat menjadi storage instan dan murah.

Sumber: Ideaonline