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» » Found Contest: Imagine the Future of Cafés
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Photo illustration: Brita d’Agostino

Each month, we’ll propose a scenario and present some ideas and concepts. Then it’s up to you: Sketch out your vision and upload your ideas (below). We’ll use the best suggestions as inspiration for a future Found page, giving kudos to contributors, and we’ll add our favorite submission to this story.

Every day, more than 2 billion cups of coffee are downed on Earth. And while many people get their fix from an office carafe or last-minute Nescafe, the corner café remains a brick-and-mortar reminder of our undying addiction to o’natural caffeine (and, sure, community.) To our dismay, climate change may be thwarting our java supply, according to a recent study. But if the industry survives a warming planet, what kinds of fixtures will serve you your cup? How will roastmasters improve upon the French Press, the Clover, the Jura? You be the jury.

You can send us your ideas in text form, but we’re keen on getting visual entries. Check out these links to some CC-licensed photos on Flickr to fire up your imagination:

Clover field of vision:

Hazy future:


Coffee cobras:

Use the widget below to submit your best idea and vote for your favorite. The image must be your own—submitting it gives us permission to use it on and in Wired magazine. Please submit relatively large images (ideal size is 800 to 1,200 pixels, or larger on the longest side). Include a description of your idea and how you made it.

We don’t host the images, so upload it somewhere else and submit a link to it. If you’re using Flickr, Picasa or another photo-sharing site to host your image, provide a link to the image, not to the photo page where it’s displayed. If your photo doesn’t show up, it’s because the URL you have entered is incorrect. Make sure it ends with the image file name (xxxxxxx.jpg).

Check back over the next few weeks to vote on new submissions, and look for an update announcing our favorite.

Source: Wired

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